At Armored Roofing we believe your roof is a critical feature that protects your home. Damaged and old roofs are not able to efficiently do their job and can put your home at risk of future problems.

Let the team at Armored Roofing help. Homeowners across Florida count on us for all their new roof installation needs. Our expert installers and superior products are combined to give you the best roof possible.

Choosing Armored Roofing for your home provides great benefits, including:

  • Many shingle styles and colors to increase curb appeal
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency and save money on monthly bills
  • Professional installations to get the job done right
  • Amazing customer service
  • Discounts on your homeowners insurance using todays products
  • Proper ridge vents to ensure adequate venting in your homes attic

  • And many more!


We’re a professional residential and commercial roofing installation company that will exceed your expectations from getting our initial free estimate through to the final installation. We have a state of the art breathable net system we use to protect your home and landscape from start to finish all while letting the plants breath so not to cause burn damage or kill any plants. We take great pride in satisfying our customers and that’s why so many people choose Armored Roofing.

A Brief Outline of our Set Up and Installation

  • Netting off the entire home for protection
  • Plywood placement over garage for protection
  • Proper covering of gutters if needed during material disposal
  • Covering and netting of the A/C unit for protection
  • Covering of pool pumps
  • Plywood strips in gutters to protect screens if needed
  • Covering of all pavers when needed
  • Gutter guards to protect from ladders
  • Work areas caution taped off and signs installed to watch for debris
  • Crew supervisors onsite and also field supervisors checking in daily
  • Complete set of photos before, during and after installation for documentation
  • Complete thorough final clean up after the job is finished

Your Search for a Roofing Company That Cares Ends Here!

Let the professionals at Team Armored handle you roofing installation needs and take away the stress of such a project. We will handle everything from start to finish and ensure a safe and professional install.

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Why Choose Solar Energy

Solar energy is the future and it's time for you to get on board. Team Armored Alternative & Renewable Energy can help make your home more sustainable and efficient with our many renewable energy options.

Time to switch

Don't wait any longer, switch to solar & claim your tax credits today!

Clean renewable energy.

The sun constantly refills your backup battery-wall!

Save Money &

Increase Your Homes Value

Reduce your power bill and increase your homes value at the same time.

Warranty & Maintenance Program Included

Your panels are in good hands with Tearm Armored.

Power Outage? No Problem

Power all of your essentials even when the grid goes down.

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Our company started as a family-owned roofing business, but now we serve homeowners across the entire state of Florida. We're passionate about helping people get their projects completed on time and within budget.

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